About Company

MyNeeds.ie is an online shop in Ireland with wide range of products from electronic and computer components to phone accessories, tools and home decor.

We started to make online business in 2012 and every day, week, month and year we do our best to improve it, and bring our customers most professional service and satisfaction with shopping with us. 

We only cooperate with the best suppliers to get top quality of the products.

We offer great, everyday used products for low prices, so you can safe your time and money in this online store!

You have many different payment options and great exchange policy with us so you don't have to be worry about any unresolved issues.

We have plenty of very good feedback what you can check at online marketplaces such as Adverts.ie or Ebay.

We contact our customers as soon as possible if the have any questions related with the products, website or delivery etc.

Just have a look for the items, offers and more interesting things here and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or you just look for some products related to the categories in this shop :)

We're here to help you and to make things easier!