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The Best Phone Cable Adapters

Here’s a list of feature-rich cable adapters you should know about:

  1. 30 Pin Male to USB Female Adapter OTG Cable for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Do you want to transfer files between your phone and USB flash drive easily and quickly? Then you must have this tool. This high-quality OTG cable is compatible with Samsung Galaxy tab. You can transfer photos, videos, and other documents using this OTG cable. It also works with keyboards and mouse.

  1. HDMI to VGA RGB Video+Audio Cable Converter Adapter Lead

This tool will help you convert video and audio output for VGA + Audio. The best thing is that it is defined through all HDMI input sources. This adapter allows for a connection to projectors and VGA monitors that support a maximum resolution of 1920X1080.

  1. Useful HDMI Male to HDMI Female (90 & 270 Degree) Adapter Connector

This 90 and 270 degree HDMI male to female connector will allow you to connect HDMI cables behind monitors, flat-screen TVs, and projectors. It supports 1080P 3D.

  1. MHL 11 Pin Micro USB to HDTV HDMI Adapter for Samsung Galaxy

It is really an amazing tool that supports all audio formats and video resolutions which include HDTV video and digital audio. It is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, Note 3, 2, Samsung Galaxy tab, etc. With this tool, you can connect tablets, Smartphones, and other devices featuring MHL technology to an HDMI TV.

  1. Lightning to 3.5 mm Jack Headphone Adapter Cable For iPhone

With this tool, you can have conversations through the headphone port. It is compatible with iPhone 7, 7 plus, 8, 8 plus, and iPhone X.

  1. Super 1080p DVI-D 24+1 Pin Male to VGA 15Pin Female Active Cable Adapter Converter

It is a portable DVI to VGA adapter. With this tool, you can transmit video (high definition) from your computer to monitor for video streaming. It supports the following video resolutions:

  • 800x600
  • 1024x768
  • 1280x1024, and
  • 1920x1080
  1. Type C HDMI Charger & Adapter Cable for Samsung Galaxy 

This Type C USB-C HDMI Adapter Cable supports both charging and HDMI connecting. The length of the cable is 6 feet (2M). It is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, Plus Note 8, etc.

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