5m Vintage White Lace Ribbon Trim Bridal for Wedding Dresses Art Craft

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5-Meter-Long 35mm & 40mm Wide Ribbon Cotton Polyester Bridal Wedding Lace for Headbands Babies

Fabric: Embroidered Soft Cotton Thread Lightweight Durable Trimmed Lace Fold Over Lace in Open Web like Pattern

Embellishment: Stylish and Elegant Lace Ideal use to Design Art & Craft in Headbands for Kids, Bridal Dress, Women Ladies Casual and Office Wear

Ideal Use: Perfect for Fashion Clothing, Accessories, Dolls, Bridal Wedding Apparel, Craft Projects, Curtain, Bedspread, Home Furnishing and more.

This Style Called Cutwork or White work is lace constructed by removing threads from a woven background, and the remaining threads wrapped or filled with Embroidery.

Machine Knitted Beautifully Crafted White Fabric Cotton Polyester used in Arts and Crafts and Widely used by Fashion Designers and Men & Women.

Size - 40mm

  • Width: 4CM / 40MM
  • Length: 5 Meters

Size - 35mm

  • Width: 3.5CM / 35MM
  • Length: 5 Meters