3m RGB LED USB TV Backlight Flexible Light Strip With FR Remote Control

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Color: RGB Multiple Colors.
Mode:20 Dynamic Modes.
Strip Length: 118 inch Strip + 20 inch USB Cable.
LED Type: SMD5050, 90 Leds.
Input Voltage: 5V.
Bend Angle: 360 Degree.
Material: PCB.
PCB Color: Black.
Waterproof Rate: IP20 (Non-Waterproof).
Power Port: USB Port.
Luminosity10-12 lm/LED, 900-1080lm Totally
28Key Functional Remote Controller:
1. Type: 28Key RF Remote Control: 
360 Degree Remote Control Makes It Perfect for The Color, Mode, 
Dimming Control,Wider Working Range for upto 100M, control through walls..
2. Connection Mode: Common Anode (+).
3. Control: 360 Degree Adjustment.
4. Control Distance: 100M (360 Degree Arbitrary Remote Control Regardless of Any Obstacle).
5. 9 Light Pattern: Quick / Slow / Auto / Flash/ 2 Dimming Change/ 4 Primary Color Change/ 12 Color Change/ 2 Color Jumpy Change/ 2 Color Fade Change.
Easy Installation:
1.Clean: Clean The Surface of Your Device.
2.Cut (As needed): Cut on The Cut Marks on The Strip to Desired Length.
3.Stick: Remove The 3M Adhesive Backing on The Strip and Stick The Strip in Desired Place.
4.Connect: Plug the USB Plug into The USB Port.
Package includes:
1x 3M 9.84ft LED Strips.
1 x 28 Key RF Remote Controller (Battery Is Not Included).
1 x User Manual.