18M Highpower Anti-Slip Grip Tape Floor Steps Adhesive Backed Non Slip Safety

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ANTI SLIP TAPE HIGHPOWER Grip Adhesive Backed Non Slip Safety Floor Steps Trailer--18M (Sticky Backed Non Slip Safety Flooring) 



Roll Length:

ANB 001



ANB 002



  • Reduces the risk of slip accidents
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors, such as ceramic tiles, concrete, marble, aluminium and steel chequer plate
  • Can be applied to almost any surface and is resistant to water, detergents and oils
  • Easily Cut To Size With Either Scissors Or A Knife
  • Self-Adhesive Making It Easy & Quick To Apply
  • Suitable for use on staircase treads, steps, ladders, ramps, scaffolding, buses, trucks etc.